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Mercedes-Benz Miami Swim Week canceled but it’s cool…

IMG_8697For the past 10 years, pasty, pale New Yorkers and other journalists both local and from around the globe would flock to The Raleigh in Miami Beach every July to gawk at models, gulp free booze and snag swag bags stuffed with everything from Make Up For Ever waterproof eyeliners to Havaianas flip-flops to free cans of Arizona Iced Tea. In the earlier years, the gift bags Mercedes-Benz gave out were stellar packed with Cuban coffee, leather journals, perfume, makeup and other cool accessories. Eventually, Mercedes stopped giving bags at all. Models would dissect M&Ms for lunch in the lobby of The Raleigh between shows while stylists, buyers, Miami socialites, designer wannabes and trolls who insisted they were “on the list” but weren’t flushed through the hotel in a never ending hustle.

I have been attending this sweaty, style-soaked event since it started in Miami Beach around 2004. Over the years, I watched the A-listers in the audience shift further down the alphabet and the shows became less about the fashion and more about being seen in the front row and stealing gift bags from the seats you weren’t actually assigned to. Everyone from the Kardashians and Scott Disick to Maria Menounos and Chrissy Teigen attended the event over the years. And designers such as Red Carter, Mara Hoffman and Luli Fama showed their swimwear collections alongside brands such as True Religion, Poko Pano and even Ed Hardy. Yes, Ed Hardy.

The New Yorkers would complain how “nothing runs efficiently in Miami” while roasting in the sun wearing way to much black and trying incessantly not to fall too much in love with the sea or sand. The shows seemed less organized as the years went on. Either the lists got longer or my patience got shorter. There was never a shortage of security goons who had no problem making everyone feel like they were disposable. Checking in for the shows became a hellish process where when one show ended and you were already inside, you’d have to go back outside again and get checked back in. I understand this was because not everyone had access to every show but if only they could’ve had a separate line for the poor people who actually paid to get in. I always felt the most sorry for them.

Once you actually got inside the tent, you had to get aggressive and pray no one stole your seat or your gift bag. Here is a notorious Miami party crasher and gift bag fiend who goes by the name Shaggy. I captured him in action one year. He always took more than one bag and I’m sure in most cases, he technically wasn’t even entitled to take one bag.



I didn’t attend Mercedes-Benz Miami Swim last year because I was seven months pregnant and I was absolutely positive I would break the flimsy white folding chairs inside the runway show tents. So, I figured, ok, no worries, I’ll just catch the shows next year. Now next year is here and the show has been canceled according to a report on Racked Miami’s website.

MG, which owns and produces SwimWeek and New York Fashion Week, released an email to media stating:

“As part of IMG’s ongoing evolution of its fashion events business, the company is redesigning SWIMWEEKTM to create a modern offering that better reflects the unique needs of its designers and partners. To best execute a change of this scale, IMG today announced it will postpone its July 2015 SWIMWEEK event in Miami, FL until 2016.”

Alright, Mercedes-Benz Miami Swim, you take off this year. But next year, you better come back as something fierce, relevant and insanely organized. I predict the buzz to get back into these shows will be stronger than ever next year. After all, everyone wants to get into the club or show that well…you can’t get into. See ya next summer. And in the mean time, RuPaul and I say “You better work!”

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Goodbye Simply Fashion and Dots…another clothing chain store empire bites the dust

Dots_exteriorSimply Fashion and Dots stores nationwide are closing and will begin going-out-of-business sales today, according to an AP article on All 243 stores will close due to a Chapter 11 filing. Although I haven’t shopped at Dots lately, they did offer a trendy plus size line. It wasn’t the greatest quality but it was extremely affordable and often a go-to of mine for specific items such as a black pencil skirt I knew I wouldn’t be wearing every day. I have fond memories of going to Dots once to pick up a silver sweater and skirt to match Miss Misty Eyez to co-host City Link’s Beer Fest in Fort Lauderdale a few years back.

This was a photo of us looking fierce in our matching Dots outfits:








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Eileen Fisher’s current collection shines at Neiman Marcus in Boca Raton

I recently had the pleasure of being a fashion tipster at Eileen Fisher’s fashion show at Neiman Marcus in Boca Raton. Fisher’s currently collection is a timeless tapestry of iconic pieces that will add comfort and luxury to any woman’s wardrobe this summer. I have never worn a poncho in my life and decided to give one of Fisher’s a try. It was instant love. I was afraid of it feeling like I was walking around with a blanket wrapped around me but it was quite the opposite. I felt pulled together and proud to be donning something new. As women, I think we all intend to try on new looks and wear bolder shades of lipstick and eye shadow. But we continuously go back to what feels comfortable—a uniform of jeans and a black sweater or nude lipstick and brown eye shadow. Fisher provides women of various ages and body types with a plethora of new accessories to boldly go where we haven’t gone before this season. Among her tried and true must have’s from my wish include:

The maxi cardigan, the linen shirtdress and of course, the poncho!

I had the best time chatting with Fisher’s incredible team including Cory Crayn, who is the brand’s experiential marketing leader and Mandy.



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Unboxing Lilly Pulitzer for Target Espadrilles I purchased for their true retail price, $24, on April 19, 2015

Ahhhhhhh….the sweet, sweet hype. My Lilly for Target purchase just arrived in the mail today! This pair of Lilly Pulitzer for Target shoes was the only pair of Lilly for Target shoes I was able to purchase around 6 a.m. on the morning of the big #LillyforTarget launch. I am happy with the padded insoles of these shoes and the adorable, brightly-colored nosey posey pattern. The gold toe caps are an added detail of elegance. I am thrilled with these shoes and amazed at the high quality for such a low price. This is the first pair of Lilly Pulitzer shoes I’ve ever owned. They’re a little big on me but I’m going to make it work since getting a smaller pair will be impossible. Ordering anything online has always been a challenge for me fit-wise. I’ve been reading on other Lilly buzz blogs that this line is running on the bigger side.facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmailby feather

Target executive apologizes and admits the Lilly Pulitzer collection for Target was supposed to last online for weeks


“The experience guests had on early Sunday morning wasn’t acceptable. It’s as simple as that,” Target’s chief merchandising and supply chain officer Kathee Tesija said in a blog post on Target’s corporate website. “Our goal is to provide an easy, fun experience, whether guests are shopping online or in our stores. We didn’t get there with this launch and for that, we’re sorry.”

Although Tesija admits Target stores “won’t be restocking this collection,” she advises Lilly-less customers still seeking a slice of this collection to keep checking their local stores for returns. “We have a 14 day return policy for programs like this, so there’s always the chance that someone might return an item that you’re looking to get your hands on!” Tesija said in the blog post. To read the complete corporate post, click here.

This sounds like a good idea Ms. Tesija, however so many customers have been bombarding the return area hunting for “Lilly returns,” that my local Target in Deerfield Beach has placed this sign in their customer service/returns department.


Target staff are obviously sick of customers trying to get their hands on the Lilly merch. However, other than the website or eBay, the return section of Target is the ONLY place I’ve been able to find and purchase any of the Lilly Pulitzer for Target line.

As for the Lilly for Target items that were immediately listed on eBay, here’s what Tesija had to say. “One of the things we’re incredibly passionate about at Target is making great design accessible and affordable,” she in the blog post. “When we see product that we’ve created for our guests being resold on the secondary market for a profit, it’s disheartening because it takes away from the very intent of these programs.”

Although the website never actually crashed during this launch, it was moving slowly, due to high traffic. It opened around 5 a.m. the morning of April 19, although it was supposed to launch smoothly hours before that. I had the horrible experience of putting items in my virtual shopping cart and then going to check out and the site repeatedly said my cart was empty! This was a frustrating way to shop. Unfortunately, the physical stores had nothing to put in my shopping cart either.

Despite this designer collaborative being a special sort of madness, I think the people’s cries via social media have finally been heard. I hope Target works especially hard on the next designer collaborative to ensure everyone can get a moment to get a piece of the collection. Shopping for fashion should never feel like attempting to order tickets to a concert you simply can’t get into without paying four times more than face value for an item. The demand for a greater supply is clearly in place. Target simply must supply more product or they shouldn’t do these designer collaborations anymore. Or at the very least, perhaps they should not announce when the merchandise is coming into stores so people can get at least a small window to shop for it.




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Dear Target, I think we should see other people…





Dear Target,

I heart you. A lot. You’ve been one of my best and most memorable relationships. Whenever I’m having a tough day, I find comfort roaming through your aisles for necessities and sparkly extras I didn’t even know I needed. But today, you really annoyed me. You lead me on for months teasing me with your next designer collaboration. But it’s always a passive aggressive relationship that ends up hurting me in the end. You make me fall in love with you by releasing authentic looking designer lines for a fraction of the price. But then those savings never actually happen. The collection comes out and then your shelves and website are immediately bare. You turn me on, lure me in and then never call.

The latest Lilly Pulitzer + Target line seemed like my style soul mate. You finally delivered a proper plus size designer collaboration. But then, you let everyone else who never cared for you as much in. You let them greedily strip you clean until there was nothing left for me, the girl who really adores you.

I realize I can’t have you all to myself and that I must share you with other people. I’m willing to do that as long as you don’t keep allowing hoarders to strip you of your dignity.

Let’s set up new boundaries and organize a limit on how much each person can take from you when there’s a designer partnership so everyone can get a piece of your magic. Don’t settle. Greed is never in style.

Thank you for listening.

Yours truly,


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Eileen Fisher: Must have pieces for spring


There’s something so effortlessly chic with each piece in Eileen Fisher’s line. Fisher has always been about creating real style for real women. Simplicity is at the core of her designs yet it’s never uncomfortable or boring. The Spring 2015 collection offers asymmetrical knee-length dresses designed to be worn over pants, breezy boxy tunics, pleated maxi skirts and much more. Click here to watch the video.

There will be a special presentation of Fisher’s latest designs at 11 a.m. on Thursday April 16 at Neiman Marcus in Boca Raton. RSVP required to if you’d like to attend.facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmailby feather

Giorgio Armani online sale event happening now at



Giorgio Armani fans can get ready to score some serious bargains at You’ll find $1,345 trousers reduced to $279.97 and $4,000 maxi dresses for $859.97.


Here are some of my favorite finds:



$179.97 (originally $845)
$579.97 (originally $2,775)
$244.97 (originally $975)


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Saks Fifth Avenue Off Fifth is finally open in Boca Raton!

IMG_7050For months, budget-conscious fashionistas have been buzzing about what would replace Loehmann’s in the Somerset Shoppes in West Boca. Then, signage for Saks Fifth Avenue Off Fifth went up and the locals were rejoicing. I popped into the store’s sneak preview opening March 25. And I am proud to admit, I was the store’s very first customer. I snagged a pair of $300 Gucci sunglasses for $70.  

I had the lovely opportunity to tour the store with Robby Schnall, vice president of marketing of Saks Fifth Avenue Off Fifth, and you can read the entire interview in my upcoming Life in the Fab Lane column in the Boca Raton Forum. The store is a well-curated mecca of designer clothing, shoes and accessories for men and women. The lines of the store are contemporary and clean. Dresses, shoes and jewelry are easy to scout out. And there’s a very uptown feel to the space with more down to earth prices.

Tory Burch handbags and sandals, Rebecca Taylor dresses, Hugo Boss suits and Roberto Coin jewelry are among the many discounted designer brands you’ll find.

Here’s a peek inside the store:

IMG_7052 IMG_7053 IMG_7054IMG_7061IMG_7064IMG_7063

Check out the store in person:

Saks Fifth Avenue OFF 5TH
Somerset Shoppes in Boca Raton

8903 N. Glades Rd.
Boca Raton, FL 33434

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