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The Yummiest afternoon with The Real Housewives of New York City’s Heather Thomson

IMG_4946IMG_4921When I was recently asked to co-host a fashion event with Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New York City’s Heather Thomson, I was elated. Thomson came to Bloomingdale’s in Aventura March 14 to share her active wear, intimates and denim collection with local women. A portion of proceeds from Yummie By Heather Thomson items sold that day were donated to the Kellner Family Pediatric Liver Disease Foundation. Here are some fun photos from the event that day shot by the fabulous Kari Barnett.

This season, Yummie By Heather Thomson offers tons of options for the woman on the go. Everyone from Beyonce to Jennifer Lopez has embraced the line of flattering tank tops, jeans and shapewear that comes in sizes extra small to 3XL. Thomson is pleased to have something for everyone. Once working with Adriano Goldschmied of AG Jeans, Thomson truly understands the details that must go into denim. Her jeans offer a mid-rise and a shorter zipper to create the illusion of a low-rise jean and disguise a muffin top. The pockets in the back are higher to create a lifted booty look without losing months of your life at the gym and the denim has stretch to it but doesn’t stretch out for that unwanted baggy look. One of the main fashion factors I love about the line is that you can wear so many of the pieces from day to night. There are a variety of stylish leggings and shaping camis for new moms and many of the pieces can be mixed and matched. The reality is, most women will go straight from the gym and then to work or to run errands. Running home to change isn’t always an options so it’s nice to have pieces that can evolve for your needs throughout the day. The line also offers plenty of comfy clothes to travel in. 

The line is available locally at Bloomingdale’s in Aventura Mall. Visit for details. 

IMG_4936 IMG_4924



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Thalia Sodi’s new fashion line launches in Miami


Thalia Sodi’s new clothing, shoes and accessories collection will debut at Macy’s at International Mall in Miami at 2 p.m. on Saturday March 14! There will be music, fashion and complimentary shoe engraving with the purchase of any Thalia shoes.

WHERE:         Macy’s International Mall
                Thalía Department, 1st Floor
                1245 NW 107th Avenue
                Miami, FL 33172 
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The Haunted Mansion edition Dooney and Bourke bag is in fact a ghost and I have proof

I had my son in September so getting up to Disney World when the second collection of Dooney and Bourke Haunted Mansion bags were launching was out of the question. As I recovered from my c-section and was out on maternity leave, I continued to stalk the Disney Store website  intermittenly in between middle of the night feedings. The first run of the Dooney and Bourke Haunted Mansion bags hit Disney park stores 9-13-13. The only style released at the time was the Smith bag and it had a red lining and retailed for $330.



The bag was as ghostly as the ride that inspired it though. I never saw the bag online or in the park. The only place I did spot it was on eBay for $700 to $1,000. There is no way I would pay that for a Dooney and Bourke bag. This is not Chanel, honey! So for about a year, I let the dream go. However, I did continue to email the Disney store website asking if the bags would be released again.

Then around early August of 2014, rumors began surfacing on Disney fan blogs about a new line of Haunted Mansion merchandise that would be sold at Memento Mori’s, a store slated to open in October of 2014 right next to the Haunted Mansion in Disney World. My heart began to race. I thought ok, this is it. For sure, I can get the bag now. All I have to do is send a relative there to pick it up.

But, sadly it didn’t work out that way. My relatives did visit the park in the fall of 2014, however, none of them saw the bag or any of the bags for that matter. The newest collection offered two crossbody styles, a wristlet and a tote in addition to the coveted new edition of the Smith bag with a purple lining. This bag was now $389. And I had saved up all my Christmas and birthday money to get it.

I desperately checked daily because one worker was kind enough to tell me the bags were rumored to be returning to the site. And then…one day, out of nowhere, I FINALLY spotted one of the elusive totes.

This is a screen grab of what I witnessed that day…


Screen shot 2015-01-09 at 5.20.17 PM


#1. Yes, it’s too blurry to see here, but the red stamp on it said it was SOLD OUT!

#2. At least I now had some proof this bag existed and an actual price point to work with after seeing horrendously high prices on eBay.

This very tote was priced $595 and above on eBay. I was shocked to learn the original price was only $248.

So my last hope was Disney Marathon weekend, which was Jan. 6-10. I was running the 5k with my family and I knew this was my one and only chance to stage my own marathon to get this bag. And what a marathon it was. Days before I arrived at the Magic Kingdom, I called Disney guest services to plead with them about how I needed access to this bag if it existed anywhere in the park. The sweet man I spoke with was kind enough to give me a game plan. “If it’s going to be anywhere in the park, it will be at the Uptown Jewlers on Main Street,” he said. “And if it’s not there, you can check the CoOp in Downtown Disney, but it’s definitely not at Memento Mori’s. Let me call the Uptown Jewelers right now and I will check for you.”

I wanted to cry. I felt like Pee-wee on a quest for his missing bicycle. “Ok, there’s a limited amount of the Smith bags at Uptown Jewelers, like less than five,” he said. “You can reserve them over the phone or even try to buy them over the phone. You have to physically be there.”

My voice trembled. “Ok, I have a good feeling about this,” I insisted. “Thank you for your help and I’ll give it my best shot.”

My mind was made up. We were leaving for Disney Jan. 7 and I the plan was to get the Magic Kingdom as soon as possible to get the bag. Well, actually bag(s). I would never feel right carrying the bag without trying to secure one for my friend Kari Barnett as well. I called her and told her the situation. She was all in. I would pick up the goods and she would pay me when I got back. Done and done.

We got a late start driving to Orlando Jan. 7 and when we got there, we had to go to the ESPN Center to get our race bibs. My cousin Alex Gonzalez was running all the races doing the Dopey Challenge, Nick Gonzalez was doing the full marathon for the first time and Celine Gonzalez and Maryann Gonzalez were set to do the 5K with me.

We got sucked in the ESPN Expo Center with all the cool vendors and five or so hours later, still were not at the Magic Kingdom. My husband Greg was on his way up to Orlando after work and we didn’t check into our hotel yet, so I went to my aunt’s hotel where I figured I’d hop a bus to the Magic Kingdom, get the bags and be on my way.

The website I Googled said Magic Kingdom was open until 1 a.m. that night so I was not worried at all about getting to the park in time. We rolled up to the Caribbean Beach resort around 7:30 p.m. and the concerierge told me the park was closing at 9 p.m. that night.

I was flipping out. There was no way I could get there in time. But giving up is also not in my nature. I did something I never did before nor thought I’d ever do and ran out of the hotel and hopped a bus to the Magic Kingdom alone. I ran toward the main gate to purchase my seasonal pass. The fireworks were bursting off as I paid for my ticket in. I had approximately 49 minutes before the park was closing. I had one mission—Get the Haunted Mansion bags, ride the Haunted Mansion ride and visit Memento Mori’s to get my ghostly photo taken.

Some magical way…I did it all!

I raced through Main Street, running through the candy store and found myself in Uptown Jewelers. There were TWO Haunted Mansion bags left. They were chained to the wall with security devices. I whipped out my credit card and told the clerk to wrap them up. “Are you sure you want both of them?” he asked.

“Buddy, I’ve never been more sure in my life,” I replied.

He wrapped them up and then as the ENTIRE Magic Kingdom was leaving after the parade, I was walking against the crowd to get to the Haunted Mansion. I spotted Memento Mori’s and I wanted to cry. My legs and arms were straining from lugging the merch. But tonight was my night. This was my mission. I was getting my damn picture with the ghost!

The ghost picture experience was cool. The ghost host brought me to a side room where I was seated before an old fashioned camera. Then a few minutes later on the other side of the store, an image of the “ghost in me” emerged as my keepsake.

I basically wanted everything in the Haunted Mansion store, but I restrained myself knowing I was already holding the Holy Grail of haunted mansion merch in my hands.

This is a peek at Memento Mori’s:




Inside the store:


IMG_5317 IMG_5318 IMG_5319

IMG_5321 IMG_5322 IMG_5323




The painting inside the store of Madame Leotta is very spooktacular. It glows every few minutes.

IMG_5334This is me about to ride the Haunted Mansion for the first time ever alone. But I wasn’t alone…

Not only did I encounter hitchhiking ghosts, but somewhere between this point and returning to my hotel, one of my credit card numbers was digitally stolen. The card never left my possession, however, I had mysterious charges to Publix in Orlando and Universal Liquors which were two stores I never went to. The jerks that stole the number then attempted to use my number at Macy’s but fraud protection shut it down. The card never left my possession but all I can think is some criminal saw me walking with these two big bags of stuff all alone and they robbed me with a card cloner.

Thankfully, the credit card company did not hold me responsible for the fraudulent charges and I do have to admit, while the journey did get ridiculous at times, the quest for these bags was totally worth it.

Here are the bags proudly sitting in our office:




I got so much more than a bag that day though. I learned that certain accessories make me do crazy things but I also learned that I can do anything I set my mind to and the only ghosts that can stop me are the ones inside my head. And this ghoul just wants to have fun.




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Nicky Hilton’s bringing 365 Style to Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Fla., Saturday Nov. 8



Nicky Hilton has long been my favorite member of the Hilton clan. She’s smart, sophisticated and always ahead of the trends. Hilton will host a book signing 4:30 p.m.-6p.m. on Saturday Nov. 8 at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. Fans will get a chance to meet Hilton and get a signed copy of her new fashion guide, 365 Style. The book was released Sept. 2 and offers easy to apply fashion tips and wardrobe suggestions from Hilton, who has been gracing red carpets and sitting front row at Fashion Week for the majority of her life. Books can be purchased on site for $21.95. The event is free to attend and the first 10 guests will score a complimentary copy of the book. Contact 954-327-7625 for further details. 

The event will take place at The Center Bar inside Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. It’s located at 1 Seminole Way, in Hollywood, Fla.

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Tory Burch releases new high-tech accessories and previews 2015 swimwear

Tory Burch for Fitbit Metal Hinged Bracelet 2Tory Burch for Fitbit Silicone Printed Bracelet in Fuchsia Multi 2Tory Burch for Fitbit Fret Pendant Necklace 2 Tory Burch for Fitbit Silicone Printed Bracelet in Tory Navy 2

Tory Burch always stays one step ahead of the trends so leave it to the innovative American designer to develop a stylish way to stay fit and track your own steps. Burch recently collaborated with Fitbit Flex, the wireless activity and sleep tracker that records steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned and syncs wirelessly via Bluetooth 4.0 to more than 60 different iOS and Android devices so you can stay on top of fitness goals and progress. The device then connects to the Fitbit app, which is available in Apple iTunes stores and Google Play.

Burch’s exclusive Fitbit accessory collection includes several fashionable ways to wear the device such as the Fret Pendant Necklace ($175), the  Metal Hinged Bracelet ($195) and the Silicone Printed Bracelet ($38), which is available in pink and blue patterns. The Fitbit accessory line is available for Pre-Order on and is expected to ship by Oct. 30. The line is also slated to hit select Tory Burch boutiques sometime this fall.

“Wearable technology is an exciting new category and we’re thrilled to be partnering with Fitbit to offer a unique collection of accessories that transform the fitness tracker into a stylish piece of jewelry that is versatile enough to go from day to evening,” Tory Burch, CEO & Designer of Tory Burch said in a press release.

Burch’s Fitbit flex accessories are the perfect complement to her 2015 swimwear collection which she previewed mid-July at at Soho Beach House in Miami during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim. Life in The Fab Lane caught a sneak peak of what swimsuits and accessories will be gracing South Florida pools and beaches next spring. Denim blue will be the hot hue for beachwear in 2015.

From island-inspired embroidered straw handbags to bohemian-patterned scarves, tunics and bikinis, Burch is setting us up for a blue crush come spring. In signature Burch fashion, she has another irresistible line of sandals lined up including blue and green color-blocked thongs and gold gladiator-inspired styles. But what I’m most obsessing over is her latest collection of sunglasses. Her Panama sunglasses ($195) are the ultimate eye candy and a quick way to update your eyewear for the new year way ahead of the crowd. Round lenses are back in a big way and this classic pair will leave you made in the shade.


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Spring cleaning turned into spring dreaming thanks to my aunt J.D. Danner


 Most of my life has been spent in clutter. I didn’t realize that until my aunt J.D. Danner miraculously lifted the veil from my eyes to show me the life I could be living if I was only willing to let go of the “stuff.” I have had an irrational attachment to material things on and off since the age of 5.  I was traumatized when our home was robbed when I was just a kid and some of my most prized possessions were taken from my home. By the time I was 15, I was really into fashion and I had gotten my first job and really started engaging in mall madness to boost my wardrobe. The only problem was I kept buying stuff and never got rid of anything.

I am 33 now and until a month ago, I was still holding onto things from my youth for no good reason other than I felt bad to throw it away or donate it. But it was time to make the change and in the words of Frozen “Let It Go.” My aunt helped me compartmentalize my belongings into three sections:


1. What should stay.

2. What should go in the trash.

3. What should be donated.

The criteria for these categories was a little more complicated. For instance, once I had the item in my hand, my aunt then asked me:

a.) Do you love it?

b.) What does the item mean to you now and how does it fit into your life in 2014? (In other words, don’t just keep something because you used to love it or it used to fit).

c). If your mom or someone special gave it to you and you no longer want to keep it, remember the item is NOT your mom or loved one. It’s simply an item.


These methods have become a daily a mantra for me. If something new comes into the closet, two items must be taken out. This is a simple, yet essential rule.

JD has completely transformed even the way I shop now. I no longer purchase things unless I’m absolutely in love it with it and can wear it that night. I used to buy things simply because they were on sale or to wear to a future event with no concrete event in mind. This is dangerous for your wallet and your wardrobe. Eventually, you pile up so many black dresses, jeans and sweaters that you can no longer see what you have and you keep buying the same things over and over again.

Debt, clutter and depression go hand in hand. To have a neat and organized closet, you can’t over stuff it with items you MAY use. Every item kept in the closet must have a purpose and a function or it no longer fits into the life you’re currently living.

Photos of my new closet are listed above. I am happy to say getting dressed in the morning no longer takes me a half an hour. I know exactly where everything is now. My scarves, underwear, bathing suits and bras are all neatly organized in metal pull-out bins. My pants and maxi dresses hang on the left and all shirts, sweaters and jackets are on the right. The whole top shelf houses my handbags and there’s even a hidden bin to store wallets and clutches on the right side of the closet. Nothing is on the floor and the hangers aren’t jumbled. Everything neatly slides along the metal wardrobe rods.

My closet used to make me anxious. It was a source of misery for me and became a bittersweet cavern of gluttony and fear. Now, I can’t wait to enter my closet every morning. I honestly never thought I could get to this point, but man, am I glad my aunt was willing to put all her hard work into showing me I could have a closet like the ones I always envied on TV. I honestly thought I was gearing up to go on “Hoarders” before she swooped in to save me. 

Our handy man Miguel did an amazing job installing the metal closet system from Home Depot. I have completely gotten rid of any Rubbermaid bins blindly housing my stuff. I can see everything now and it’s all clear. Letting go of stuff can be tough but you have to do it or the stuff takes you over and then whatever joy it originally brought you can no longer be felt. When it doubt, toss it out. And recycle the items you still love but are no longer using back into the world so other people can now enjoy them.

Wishing you a happy season of decluttering!


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Petra Nemcova launches Be The Light candle line in Aventura


Supermodel and Sports Illustrated swimsuit legend Petra Nemcova made miraculous headlines in 2004 after surviving the horrific Thailand tsunami that tragically took more than 230,000 lives. A year later, Nemcova launched her Happy Hearts Fund to rebuild schools and restore the lives of children after natural disasters. Her travels around the world for photo shoots and philanthropy have now inspired a line of candles she has cleverly called “Be The Light New York” that’s available on and at Bloomingdale’s in Aventura. The luxury candle line retails for $98 a candle and includes six scents modeled after six different countries and the hidden treasures they offer.

“Be The Light is all about bringing light, love and laughter,” Nemcova said at the May 3 launch of her line at Bloomingdale’s in Aventura.

Christian Hosford, co-founder of the Be The Light New York collection was also on hand to explain the passion behind the brand and what the duo hopes to achieve with this line. “Every candle in the line is special and has its own signature scent,” Hosford said. “The American Bluebell Bliss candle was inspired by the Bluebell fields in America and represents gratitude. The candle has a wonderful cedarwood, eucalyptus and jasmine scent.”

Other candles in the line include: Indonesian Patchouli Peace, which represents peacefulness; Czech Holiday cookies which represents family togetherness and is a nod to Nemcova’s childhood holidays in the Czech Republic; Spanish Saffron Heat, which represents passion; Mexico Cacao Mystique, which symbolizes a celebration of life and Haitian Hibiscus Breeze, which evokes beauty and strength. Each candle offers three wicks, more than 60 hours of burn time and comes with a box of matches.

“This line is very special too because of the hand-drawn maps on each candle representing the country it’s paying tribute to,” Hosford said. “When you line the candles up side by side, the map connects.”

Although Nemcova enjoys all the scents in her line, she does have two favorites. “I really love the American Bluebell Bliss because I’m all about gratitude and the Czech Holiday Cookie candle because it reminds of being with my family.”

For more information on the line, visit

(originally published in  East Side Living; Forum Publishing Group). 

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Here comes the bride…








Leave it to Kate Spade to come up with the most whismical wedding accessory for a bride to be. There’s nothing lately I don’t love about about Spade’s line. She’s gone back to the fun, fearlessly feminine designs that put her accessories on the global fashion map in the first place. From iPhone cases to clutches and jewelry, Spade has got the bridal accessory market fashionably cornered. Check out her latest bridal worthy designs at feather

Miss Piggy to wear Vivienne Westwood wedding gown in Disney’s Muppets Most Wanted film



Kermit the Frog may think it’s not easy being green, but Miss Piggy has no trouble being queen. The iconic porker has been trying to make her frog prince marry her for years and if a wedding will actually occur, Miss Piggy is slated to don a lavish Vivienne Westwood gown. The couture ivory wedding gown features corset detailing and paillettes made from recycled plastic bottles. [This is clearly a nod to her “green” love interest].

“Vivienne Westwood is fabulous—just like moi,” Miss Piggy said in a press release regarding her upcoming movie. “When I asked her to design this wedding dress for moi’s new movie Muppets Most Wanted, she was thrilled and I was thrilled. The only one a bit ‘iffy’ about it was the Frog.” Posh Miss Piggy will also sport other Westwood wardrobe changes throughout the film incuding a long silver hand-embroidered floral lace gown and a houndstooth coat.

Muppets Most Wanted hits the big screen March 21, 2014. For more information, visit, and



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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Miami Swim 2014 collections are underway


It’s day three of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim and it’s been a sweaty, beautiful tidal wave of aqua-colored suits, tiger-printed caftans, straw fedoras and plenty of fearlessly cut bikinis and one-piece suits. Last night I hit a whopping four shows: Agua Bendita, Poko Pano, Dolores Cortes and Beach Bunny.facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmailby feather

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