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Jogging and blogging: The Bugaboo Runner has me going in the right direction


I have been using the Bugaboo Runner daily to get both my son and myself out of the house for a little fresh air and exercise. My new adventure with this incredible jogging stroller was first chronicled in my Glamazon Mama column for South Florida Parenting magazine. You can check out the original story here.

I used to be very into exercising but then my ongoing battle with endometriosis significantly slowed me down. It just got too easy to stop. Then once I had my son, going to the gym became an impossibility. So I took the advice of a local fitness guru and fellow mom, Kristy Wexler, who told me to ditch the gym membership and invest in a jogging stroller instead and just do what was possible for me.

I have to admit, I am one of these people who simply thought having a gym membership and not actually using it would somehow help. Like, if I were to cancel it, it somehow meant I no longer cared about my health. But I decided to be bold and canceled it because there really is no sense is keeping a monthly subscription on anything you’re not really using.

So, here I am each day, sometimes very early in the morning or early evening, pushing my Bugaboo Runner along. My son Jack is smiling as the occasional breeze blows through his curly hair. The smile on his face says it all. He’s enjoying the walks with me as much as I do. We have even boldly jogged for a few minutes each day together. We are both learning and growing together in this process toward better physical fitness.

The Bugaboo Runner really has changed my life. The stroller is so easy to glide along on the asphalt or sidewalk, I really have no excuse now not to want to get moving. The hood on it is easily adjustable for the unpredictable Florida rains shower. I don’t have any excuses anymore.

I will continue to journal my adventures with the Bugaboo Runner here.

Thanks for reading and have an epic day!


Joanie & (her new favorite workout buddy) Jack



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Being a mama means getting puked on at the AT&T store


Before I became a mom, I used to have laundry night. Now laundry night is every night. Yes, I live in a Dreft-soaked land. My son has a knack for puking on my clothes in the most random environments. I went to the AT&T store tonight to order my new iPhone, the rose gold 128 GB iPhone 6s plus and the second I walked into the freestanding AT&T store, the clerk told me I’d be better off dialing 611 and ordering the phone using the iPhone 5s I was already holding. OK, way to go bricks and mortar store clerk!

Eventually, there will be no need for a freestanding store with service like this. Just as I was about to dial the number, my son puked up a little bit of his most recent bottle of Enfagrow. The clerk wished me “good luck” as he walked away. I retreated to my car to put my son back in his car seat and order my new phone over the phone. The first phone clerk I spoke with told me the iPhone was back ordered for 35 days in the model I wanted. Then, I decided to roll the dice again and call back. I got a different AT&T employee this time who said he had the phone in stock and could ship to me over night at no extra charge. When one door slams in your face, always try to open another. Eventually you’ll get what you want, even if you’re covered in puke.

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Enjoy every minute…they grow up so fast

If I had a dollar for every time someone came over to me and my son and said “Enjoy every  minute, they grow up so fast,” I’d have quite a nice college fund saved for him already. My boy is 9-months-old now and I’m thrilled with him. I appreciate everything about him. He’s my whole heart. I’m just not sure why total strangers come over to me EVERY DAY and say this to me. It’s almost like the universe doesn’t want me to forget for a single moment that I am in fact holding a miracle.

I most definitely know Jack won’t be a baby forever. And yes, I’m aware that I’ve already written about this phenomenon before. And yes I appreciate him. Dear God, do I appreciate this boy. But the reality is life does move pretty fast. On Sunday, I was in the pool with my little cousins, looking out at my family members. It seems like just yesterday, I was the 5-year-old kid in the pool. I think the best thing I can do for Jack is love him, set a good example and just let him grow into the wonderful person he was destined to be.

I get the feeling that if people actually appreciated each moment more instead of telling others to appreciate it, the world would be a much better place. If people only took their own advice and stopped complaining and just lived in the moment, it would be glorious.

One of the photographers on our newspaper staff, Anna Collins, recently captured an amazing moment with my son. I will forever remember him at 9-months-old in this unforgettable set of shots. You can really see the love in his eyes. I am forever grateful Anna was able to capture this.

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Six months into motherhood and feeling so good…

vOHQT_Nt2D1LS9ci7pvDSyB3NA2c6Vtj_OTChVu7H_7BP2RXlFAsHavN7Y207AjqAt least once a day, a random person stops me and tells me “Enjoy him, they grow up so fast. This doesn’t last forever.” Honestly, it’s starting to freak me out a bit and I’m getting tired of hearing it. I am completely aware life moves pretty quickly. Ferris Bueller pointed that out to me in 1986. And trust me, I listened to every word Ferris said.

The reality is, nothing lasts forever, especially the good stuff. And that’s ok. I’m learning not to look so much toward tomorrow and just focus on this moment. I cherish every minute with my sweet Jack. I went through a lot to have him—phsyically, mentally and spiritually and I wouldn’t trade a minute of it. I wouldn’t change a thing. This journey has been mine. Every prayer, every tear, every moment of laughter and joy—it’s all part of this wonderful trip we call life. Thank you God for choosing me to be Jack’s mom. And so I’ll admit, in a greater effort to stay completely present in the moment, I find myself putting down my iPhone and iPad more and picking up the beauty of the present instead.


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