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Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Live was Grr-ific


Every morning, my son’s face lights up with delight when the cheerful theme song to “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood” begins to play. The animated spin-off of “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” has gained a loyal following of fans since it debuted on PBS stations in 2012.

Daniel Tiger is a wonderful role model for children teaching them important life lessons from the value of sharing to washing your hands and cleaning up your toys.

“Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Live!” rolled into Coral Springs Center for the Arts May 19 and the show was nearly sold out. Watching the characters of this beloved children’s show come to life on stage through live actors was nothing short of magical. The audience roared as the actors sang the best hits from the series. Ciarah Amaani shined as teacher Harriet and the adorable Miss Elaina and Evan Teich dazzled as Daniel’s Father, Prince Wednesday and Mr. McFeely.

I attended this show with my one-and-a-half-year old son Jack, husband Greg and Jack’s godmother, J.D. Danner. It was so thrilling to watch Jack clap his hands to almost every song and really stay engaged for the entire show. I have to admit, at first I was scared at the thought of taking my toddler to a live show. I mean, what if he didn’t stop screaming? What if he didn’t want to sit in his seat? The best part about taking your toddler to a show designed for toddlers is that everyone’s kid is acting a little wild and you don’t have to worry about anyone turning around and telling at you to get your kid to stop! This was the best feeling. Jack mostly wanted to stand up and jump and dance along to the music.

My only regret is that show didn’t have more than one stop in South Florida. I know there were plenty of children in Palm Beach and Miami who would’ve loved the chance to see this. Hopefully Daniel’s trolley will roll back to South Florida soon.

The tour will continue throughout North America. Visit for show dates and other updates.

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Blogging and Jogging: My adventures with the Bugaboo Runner continue


Taking daily walks with Jack has become my therapy. I gave up my gym membership and I’m exercising more than ever before. I know that sounds insane, but the freedom of putting Jack in the Bugaboo Runner and just hitting the pavement with him, some earbuds and Billy Joel on Spotify has been my salvation.

I read that Steve Jobs frequently preferred “walking  meetings” to traditional sit-down meetings and Facebook phenom Mark Zuckerberg has also been cited as being partial to the “walk and talk.”

When you’re moving, so is your mind. Sometimes I get so caught up in tasks and chores, I just need to clear my head out and literally head out the door. The many benefits of walking have been well-documented on the web. According to a blog post by writer Andrew Tate,  “Just 30 minutes of walking each day is enough to dramatically reduce your risk of heart disease, colon cancer, breast cancer and dementia.” He also mentioned a 2014 Stanford University that found walking can make people 81 percent more creative.

So, I originally decided to get moving for my body, but now I’m discovering it’s become even more beneficial for my mind. As a mother to a one-and-a-half-year-old toddler, I’m constantly moving, but walking is the only time I feel a sense of zen.

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