Mean Girls Candy?????? It’s so fetch!

1392710461313723 9470-PRODUCT_01-500_500-1439921089164 9469-PRODUCT_01-500_500-1439921081927It’s hard to believe “Mean Girls” made its way into movie theaters and into our hearts 11 years ago. The evil trio of high school’s most popular beyotches is now immortalized with a candy and accessory collection by Dylan’s Candy Bar. The clever line offers popcorn-flavored jelly beans, “Burn Book” cookies, “You Go Glen Coco” pink hot chocolate, chocolate bars, lollipops and an authentic “Kalteen weird nutrition bar” that made Regina George gordo in the movie! There are also hair ties, a T-shirt and a tote bag all featuring classic Mean Girls sayings.

But one of my most favorite pieces of in the line is the “I’m not a regular Mom, I’m a cool Mom” plastic wine tumbler. I definitely know I’ll be getting that.

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