Being a mama means getting puked on at the AT&T store


Before I became a mom, I used to have laundry night. Now laundry night is every night. Yes, I live in a Dreft-soaked land. My son has a knack for puking on my clothes in the most random environments. I went to the AT&T store tonight to order my new iPhone, the rose gold 128 GB iPhone 6s plus and the second I walked into the freestanding AT&T store, the clerk told me I’d be better off dialing 611 and ordering the phone using the iPhone 5s I was already holding. OK, way to go bricks and mortar store clerk!

Eventually, there will be no need for a freestanding store with service like this. Just as I was about to dial the number, my son puked up a little bit of his most recent bottle of Enfagrow. The clerk wished me “good luck” as he walked away. I retreated to my car to put my son back in his car seat and order my new phone over the phone. The first phone clerk I spoke with told me the iPhone was back ordered for 35 days in the model I wanted. Then, I decided to roll the dice again and call back. I got a different AT&T employee this time who said he had the phone in stock and could ship to me over night at no extra charge. When one door slams in your face, always try to open another. Eventually you’ll get what you want, even if you’re covered in puke.

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