Amy Schumer drops plenty of vagina jokes at the Oddball Comedy Festival in West Palm Beach, FL

_1430252992When your friend buys an extra ticket to see Amy Schumer and asks you to go, you grab life by its big beautiful balls and you seize that opportunity. Such was the case when my very fabulous friend, Kari Barnett, asked me to accompany her to the Funny or Die Oddball Comedy Festival at Perfect Vodka Amphitheatre in West Palm Beach, Fla. I have never seen a comedy show in a venue as large at Perfect Vodka Amphitheatre. At first, I was worried the laughs would never make it to the middle of the ginormous amphitheatre let alone the lawn or hand job hill, as emcee and roast king Jeff Ross deemed it. But it worked and dear God, did we laugh all night long.

Frankly, I needed it. Life has been even weirder than usual lately, so it’s nice to just sit back sometimes and laugh at someone else’s insanity. In addition to Schumer’s stellar set, which included everything from baby jokes to Michelle Obama’s post-sex strut to the master bathroom in The White House, there were some other bombshells unleashed on the crowd. Bridget Everett didn’t disappoint when she declared “You may not know me, but you’ll never forget me.” The six-foot-tall buxom blonde went braless for her set which included, parody songs, dance and plenty of motor boating men in the crowd.

Dozens of comedians performed throughout the festival with a variety of sets as well as musical numbers to please a plethora of comedic appetites. It was truly a festival and an oddball one at that.

Aziz Ansari closed the show with a sidesplitting routine on his two year relationship and how he wishes his girlfriend would just invest in her own toothpaste and stop stealing his. But let’s get back to the wonder of Schumer. Here are five reasons I am so glad she’s in the spotlight.

  1. She is totally famous now but she is not taking it for granted. The 34-year-old comedian who had a box office hit with the recent rom-com Trainwreck said during her stand up show in West Palm, “I know I’ll only be famous for like a year or something, so I’m trying to enjoy it while I can.”
  2. She’s not afraid to go there…about anything. Even the most taboo topic is not off limits for Schumer. That’s hot and refreshing.
  3. She’s real. Amy was visibly sweating in the South Florida heat just a few minutes into her set and asked for a towel almost immediately. She asked patrons not to snap photos of her looking like a hot, sweaty mess because she knew they’d surface by morning anyway and they didn’t have to waste their time.
  4. She admits she’s 160 pounds and said she ‘can Catch a d**k whenever she wants.'” Let’s face it, 160 pounds in anorexic Hollywood might as well be 260 pounds. Amy is 5-foot-7 and at a normal weight for her height. She is beautiful and a great role model for body-conscious women of all ages.
  5. She’s not afraid to speak her mind and voice her opinion even on hot button issues like gun control. Schumer teamed up with her cousin Chuck Schumer to push for stricter gun laws after two women were shot dead by a suicidal gunman after a Louisiana showing of her film Trainwreck.

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