Candles that will light up your life, not your wallet


As a real mom on a real budget, I don’t have money to burn on $27 to $70 candles. Yes, candles can cost that much and more. I decided to take Glade’s seasonal candle offerings for a spin. Glade’s Limited Edition Fall Collection offers several options that evoke scents of a simpler time gone by such as Apple Tree Picnic, Fall Antiquing, which is a curious blend of violet, sandalwood and Lilly of the Valley, Hit the Road, which is a musky mandarin scent, Pumpkin Pit Stop, which is a pleasant mix of vanilla, caramel and orchard blossoms and Sunset Walk, an enticing aroma mixed with vanilla, patchouli and roasted chestnut. At just $2.99 for the small candles and $7.49 for the new larger size that burns for 60 hours and is available in the crisp, clean Blue Odyssey scent, these Target and Walmart finds bring a lovely scent to my home and doesn’t put in a dent in my grocery budget. #FeelGladefacebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmailby feather

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