Blogging and Jogging: My adventures with the Bugaboo Runner continue


Taking daily walks with Jack has become my therapy. I gave up my gym membership and I’m exercising more than ever before. I know that sounds insane, but the freedom of putting Jack in the Bugaboo Runner and just hitting the pavement with him, some earbuds and Billy Joel on Spotify has been my salvation.

I read that Steve Jobs frequently preferred “walking  meetings” to traditional sit-down meetings and Facebook phenom Mark Zuckerberg has also been cited as being partial to the “walk and talk.”

When you’re moving, so is your mind. Sometimes I get so caught up in tasks and chores, I just need to clear my head out and literally head out the door. The many benefits of walking have been well-documented on the web. According to a blog post by writer Andrew Tate,  “Just 30 minutes of walking each day is enough to dramatically reduce your risk of heart disease, colon cancer, breast cancer and dementia.” He also mentioned a 2014 Stanford University that found walking can make people 81 percent more creative.

So, I originally decided to get moving for my body, but now I’m discovering it’s become even more beneficial for my mind. As a mother to a one-and-a-half-year-old toddler, I’m constantly moving, but walking is the only time I feel a sense of zen.

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