Zac Posen for Mac is a delightful array of wearable, every day colors

12791007_10154003446819853_3161229612481817786_nMany designer and celebrity MAC collaborations consist of wacky colors that would look amazing in a haute couture photo shoot but not work too well in every day life. For example, while the new dark matte plum Viva Glam Ariana Grande lipstick looks dreamy on Ariana, you might look like you lost a fight with a grape popsicle if you decide to put on this lipstick and then head to Publix or Target to run a few errands.

I feel like we’ve all been at the makeup counter at some point and bought a crazy shade of blue eye shadow or orange-pink lipstick to vow to try something new and then it just sits in under the bathroom counter in a bag of other bold, but forgotten makeup choices. We are creatures of habit. If you gravitate toward a nude lipstick and light smokey eye for daily wear, you’ll most likely grab those shades for your every day look.

However MAC’s most recent collaboration with Zac Posen is a truly beautiful and most importantly wearable collection of lipsticks, eyeshadows and powders. The line is as strong, sophisticated and feminine as Posen’s fashion designs.  Darling Clementine is the most perfect matte orange lipstick I have ever seen. Posen’s Sheer Madness shade is a gorgeous, light nude hue that is ideal for the woman who wants glamorous lips without looking like she’s covered in lipstick. The eyeshadow palette contains six lovely shades in nude, neutral and mauve shades.

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