South Florida audiences can soar with Toruk—The First Flight



Toruk—The First Flight swept into BB&T Center March 3-6 and now this innovative new show is at American Airlines Arena March 10-13. Inspired by James Cameron’s “Avatar,” Toruk is a breathtaking prequel to Cameron’s film. Fueled by the magic of Cirque du Soleil, Pandora comes to life with a Na’vi narrator. Two Omaticaya boys must set out on a dangerous quest to save the Tree of Souls. The audience gets to travel with the boys into the iconic Floating Mountains and across impossible rivers and terrains as they encounter creatures and enemies on air, sea and land. 

Audience members with smart phones can really get in on the action of Toruk by downloading the Toruk—The First Flight app. The app kicks off the show by allowing downloaders to play with the fireflies in Pandora by touching their phone screens. Then, there are hidden effects showgoers can unlock during the intermission and before and after the first and second act of the show. This is a show that will appeal to adults as well as children and would make a great family outing or a fantastic date night.

The First Flight is now playing at the American Airlines Arena on March 10-13, 2016. Purchase tickets at

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