Coach 1941 proves this American Brand is ready to fly out of stores again


There was a period of time where I wouldn’t be caught dead with a Coach bag. I mean, I know that sounds ridiculous, but I was a huge fan of the glove-tanned leathers and classic American designs of the bags until around 10 years ago. It was like a Coach logo volcano exploded all over every piece in the brand. It was overdone, overpriced and then overproduced and left to rot on clearance tables in Macy’s and outlet stores. I either sold the majority of my Coach bags for a pittance on eBay or I simply gave them away. The brand frankly made me feel depressed. It was hard to watch an American classic choke itself out like that.

Thankfully, everybody loves a comeback and no one does a comeback quite like an iconic American brand such as Coach. I recently walked passed my local Coach store and did a double take. I was in awe of the solid leather handbags calling to me from the store’s windows. Then I did something I hadn’t taken seriously in years. I walked inside and was very taken aback by the merchandise.

Stuart Vevers joined the brand in 2013 and has breathed new life into it as Executive Creative Director. Formerly the Creative Director of Mulberry, Vevers worked with coveted brands such as Bottega Veneta, Givenchy and Louis Vuitton before landing at Coach where he’s been hitting home runs with his research and return to the original qualities and designs that made Coach such a sought after brand.

Coach’s 1941 collection is an exquisite homage to the unique craftsmanship and iconic design that put this brand on the map in the first place. From vintage Western-inspired shirts, dinosaur-themed sweaters, leather varsity jackets, studded saddle bag handbags, pebbled leather bags and cutting-edge glove-tanned leather totes emblazoned with T-rex’s, Vevers is proving that Coach is ready to trample its competition in the handbag and accessories market this fall. The brand is also selling its 1941 collection at Neiman Marcus now. This is a huge indicator of just how high fashion Coach is willing to go again. Put me in Coach, I’m ready to play today.



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