Easy like Sunday morning…


As the rain collects on my apartment windows this Sunday morning like the tears I once cried not knowing if I’d ever be blessed with the miracle of a child, I cannot help but sit here and engulf myself in deep and total gratitude. Life is hard but it’s moments like these that make it all worth living. My precious son turned two months old yesterday and although I still battle the aching and often debilitating pains of endometriosis, I look down at my precious boy and I thank God He chose me to be this boy’s mother. It’s something I will never stop being in awe of and it’s a privilege I am forever thankful for.

As he sleeps on my chest after feeding him, I hear his sweet, soft coos. It’s a sound I’ve memorized because I love hearing it so much. Before putting him in his beautiful white bassinet, I always want to hold him a few seconds longer. I cherish every moment with him and I know and completely accept that this moment will not last forever. However, the feeling has no expiration date.

I choose to only dwell on the positive in life. In life, people lie to us, hurt us and even annoy us, but they can also heal us, love us and make us smile.

Nothing makes me smile more than my son. When I am holding him, the world stops and for a few moments, I can without hesitation say I have felt a little piece of heaven on earth and I know for sure that God’s plan for me is unfolding with every breath I take.

What makes me happiest in life is building others up and seeing the beauty that lies in all of us. I encourage all of you to pay it forward in life. Be spiritual. Speak your mind. And always live your truth. In the end, the truth is really what sets you free. And never stop hoping or praying. Follow your heart and walk by faith. Miracles do happen every day. I’m holding one right now.


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