Six months into motherhood and feeling so good…

vOHQT_Nt2D1LS9ci7pvDSyB3NA2c6Vtj_OTChVu7H_7BP2RXlFAsHavN7Y207AjqAt least once a day, a random person stops me and tells me “Enjoy him, they grow up so fast. This doesn’t last forever.” Honestly, it’s starting to freak me out a bit and I’m getting tired of hearing it. I am completely aware life moves pretty quickly. Ferris Bueller pointed that out to me in 1986. And trust me, I listened to every word Ferris said.

The reality is, nothing lasts forever, especially the good stuff. And that’s ok. I’m learning not to look so much toward tomorrow and just focus on this moment. I cherish every minute with my sweet Jack. I went through a lot to have him—phsyically, mentally and spiritually and I wouldn’t trade a minute of it. I wouldn’t change a thing. This journey has been mine. Every prayer, every tear, every moment of laughter and joy—it’s all part of this wonderful trip we call life. Thank you God for choosing me to be Jack’s mom. And so I’ll admit, in a greater effort to stay completely present in the moment, I find myself putting down my iPhone and iPad more and picking up the beauty of the present instead.


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