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Why I, a straight woman, bought Caitlyn Jenner’s lipstick


Caitlyn Jenner left the world in shock and awe when she came out looking fierce and fearless on the cover of Vanity Fair. She received both praise and criticism, idolatry and mockery. Jenner forged on. Whether you like Jenner or not, she’s not going anywhere and I’m thankful for that.

About 41 percent of transgender and gender nonconforming people have attempted suicide, according to Poverty continues to be a major problem in the trans community. Many transgender people who enter a homeless shelter are sexually assaulted, if they aren’t turned away all together. An Injustice at Every Turn survey found that 25 percent of transgender employees lost a job because they didn’t conform to gender norms and around 90 percent said they faced transgender-based discrimination. Life as a transgender person is not an easy road to take. We must proceed with compassion and open our hearts and minds to this group of people who at the end of the day are just that—people. 

Caitlyn’s lipstick came out in MAC stores and on today, April 7. The lipstick is called “Finally Free” and it’s a lovely, liberating shade of rosy nude that will look lovely on ALL skin tones. The lipstick retails for $17 and 100 percent of the selling price will go to the MAC Aids Fund Transgender Initiative. The lipstick can be purchased at MAC stores and on

I love this lipstick because it spreads the message that we are all beautiful. We all matter and we all deserve a chance. Caitlyn is selling so much more than a lipstick. She’s selling hope and I hope men and women will take a closer look at what she’s saying. Now go break the internet like your daughters, darling. This lipstick is hot!facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmailby feather