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Why I, a straight woman, bought Caitlyn Jenner’s lipstick


Caitlyn Jenner left the world in shock and awe when she came out looking fierce and fearless on the cover of Vanity Fair. She received both praise and criticism, idolatry and mockery. Jenner forged on. Whether you like Jenner or not, she’s not going anywhere and I’m thankful for that.

About 41 percent of transgender and gender nonconforming people have attempted suicide, according to Poverty continues to be a major problem in the trans community. Many transgender people who enter a homeless shelter are sexually assaulted, if they aren’t turned away all together. An Injustice at Every Turn survey found that 25 percent of transgender employees lost a job because they didn’t conform to gender norms and around 90 percent said they faced transgender-based discrimination. Life as a transgender person is not an easy road to take. We must proceed with compassion and open our hearts and minds to this group of people who at the end of the day are just that—people. 

Caitlyn’s lipstick came out in MAC stores and on today, April 7. The lipstick is called “Finally Free” and it’s a lovely, liberating shade of rosy nude that will look lovely on ALL skin tones. The lipstick retails for $17 and 100 percent of the selling price will go to the MAC Aids Fund Transgender Initiative. The lipstick can be purchased at MAC stores and on

I love this lipstick because it spreads the message that we are all beautiful. We all matter and we all deserve a chance. Caitlyn is selling so much more than a lipstick. She’s selling hope and I hope men and women will take a closer look at what she’s saying. Now go break the internet like your daughters, darling. This lipstick is hot!facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmailby feather

Zac Posen for Mac is a delightful array of wearable, every day colors

12791007_10154003446819853_3161229612481817786_nMany designer and celebrity MAC collaborations consist of wacky colors that would look amazing in a haute couture photo shoot but not work too well in every day life. For example, while the new dark matte plum Viva Glam Ariana Grande lipstick looks dreamy on Ariana, you might look like you lost a fight with a grape popsicle if you decide to put on this lipstick and then head to Publix or Target to run a few errands.

I feel like we’ve all been at the makeup counter at some point and bought a crazy shade of blue eye shadow or orange-pink lipstick to vow to try something new and then it just sits in under the bathroom counter in a bag of other bold, but forgotten makeup choices. We are creatures of habit. If you gravitate toward a nude lipstick and light smokey eye for daily wear, you’ll most likely grab those shades for your every day look.

However MAC’s most recent collaboration with Zac Posen is a truly beautiful and most importantly wearable collection of lipsticks, eyeshadows and powders. The line is as strong, sophisticated and feminine as Posen’s fashion designs.  Darling Clementine is the most perfect matte orange lipstick I have ever seen. Posen’s Sheer Madness shade is a gorgeous, light nude hue that is ideal for the woman who wants glamorous lips without looking like she’s covered in lipstick. The eyeshadow palette contains six lovely shades in nude, neutral and mauve shades.

Check it out at


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Dita Von Teese me! MAC Cosmetics to launch va va voom shade of red lipstick inspired by burlesque queen


Dita Von Teese is the epitome of old Hollywood glamour. The iconic burlesque dancer, who was once married to Marilyn Manson, is releasing her signature red lipstick shade “Von Teese” exclusively through Dec. 9. The $18 lipstick will help promote Dita’s new beauty book, Your Beauty Mark, which hits stores Dec. 1. The lipstick will also be available on Dita’s website,

This will be Dita’s second collaboration with MAC. She helped create a Viva Glam shade of lipstick in 2006 and 2007.

Judging from the irresistible packaging and perfect matte shade of blueish red, this is going disappear from MAC’s website in a red hot minute.


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MAC attack…I can’t keep up with MAC’s new makeup collections fast enough!


The Kelly/Sharon Osbourne collection launched this week via MAC online and the brushes already sold out. I’m still spinning from trying to get the Alluring Aquatic Colour collection. I was only able to score a blush (Sea Me, Hear Me) and one lipstick (Enchanted One) and getting these was nearly impossible. I couldn’t even use my PPID discount because I had to purchase the lipstick at MAC at Macy’s. I was however able to get the blush at the MAC store. I think MAC needs to make more of these products so you don’t end up scrambling and stressing out over missing essential pieces of a collection. People then just list these items on eBay at double to triple the price, which should not be allowed. The packaging on this collection was exquisite. Each product has faux water droplets on it.facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmailby feather

Magnificent Maleficent! MAC does it again with its wicked cool new collection



Maleficent has stolen over 3 million theater-goers hearts opening weekend and to celebrate Angelina Jolie’s gorgeously cruel character, the makeup brand has launched a Maleficent makeup collection that is flying out of stores faster than her rambunctious raven. The line, which constists of nail polish, a lipstick, lip pencil and gloss and false eye lashes, beauty powder, sculpting powder, eye shadows, false eye lashes, eye liner and more is a fascinating display of life imitating art. I had to purchase Maleficent’s signature red lipstick in True Love’s Kiss and liner. The color is really the perfect red and to enhance my pale complexion, I recently purchased the beauty powder, which is meant to be brushed on. The lipstick, liner and sculpting powder have sold out online and I don’t think it will be long because the whole collection gets snapped up.

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Horizons 1, now departing…

Horizons 1, now departing...

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